Buya Bamba Ltd is a Zambian company that specializes in the supplying of seed, growing, packaging and marketing of fresh potatoes, onions and sale of agricultural machinery. Our headquarters are located in Lusaka, with depots in Kitwe, Ndola and opening soon, in Choma. Buya Bamba Ltd has been in operation since 1999, and was formed to provide our customers with a quality source of produce on a year-round basis. Buya Bamba Ltd is home to a thriving agriculture industry that is a vital component of Zambia’s potato and onion production, with our quality produce a mainstay of your local supermarket, restaurant and dinner table. Buya Bamba Ltd – Proudly Zambian!

Our services include:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Seed Supply and Production

  • Agriculture Machinery ( Premium partners for Grimme in Zambia )

  • Transport and Logistics contact: blitzambia@gmail.com


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